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Project name: Care Unborn
Location(s): Colombo administrative district of Sri Lanka
Project number: 210/2022
Contact Person: Ms. Kanthi
Amount: $USD 3500.00
Benefited families: 75
Start Date End Date: 29 April 2022- 02 May 2022

Brief program overview:

The proposed programme was to help needy pregnant women if they’re worried about how to take care of themself and their baby’s needs. there were numerous ways to get help with food,
baby needs, childcare, and mental health care.

Project highlights/results:

- Donated a variety of baby care equipment for newborns.
- Provided dry foods for their nutrition
- Organized financial support programs to aid new parents with housing, childcare, and mental health treatment.
- Organized counseling programmes and seminars for educating childcare.