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Vajira Sri Children’s Development Centre is a charity. And is an institution which depends on the generosity of individual and cooperate donors and institution who can support the programme.

What our the present needs.?

Food and Dry rations – Vajira Sri Children’s Development Center has a child population of around 150 children. The number varies form time to time. Therefore the need to find food items , clothing, medicine etc is always needed.

Our recurrent expenditure such as water. Electricity, telephone, and transport cost remains a major challenge for us, as what we get very often is a dana which helps to feed the children.

Our School: WP/J Indrasir Vidyalaya – The school which provides education to the children too has many requirements.
a) Teachers salaries
b) Educational materials for the school
c) Maintenance of the school building

Extra Curricular Activities The centre conducts a number of development programs such as art, drama, music, English, handicraft etc which calls for material and for payment of tutors. In addition to the educational progoramme, it is also very essential to develop the skills of children, in order to help them to find a suitable employment. While education provides the academic background for the children, Extracurricular activities provide a child the readiness for life and to face society once they have finish their education.

Sports- As sports provides a young person the skill to face challenges, and discipline needed for life. It helps an individual to be a balance person in victory as well as defeat. It provides the skills needed for teambuilding, and working as a team. It also opens out opportunity for employment and self-confidence.

Cricket Academy – Our new initiative which is to provide children in all orphanages in the Western Province who have cricketing skills a chance to receive higher training in cricket under a professionally qualified coach in Sri Lanka. This is the first time an initiative of this nature has been introduced for children in orphanages. At present a pool of 20 players from the children’s homes in the Western Province are being trained at our centre.

Through this programme it is envisage to help children build their confidence, be independent, make them self-reliant. It is also expected to help them find suitable employment once they finish the education, as cricket is very popular in SrI lanka and a good cricketer always finds a place in society.

Performing arts- A new area introduce for the first time. It is because of the benefit the child. It is a profound and important part of any child’s education. It affects the child’s abilities in many area of their life. It helps the child to develop their creativity, imagination, and stimulates and challenges the brain and helps children to be innovative and broad-minded.

It helps develop the confidence and strategies to get up in front of an audience and present an idea and it helps develop valuable skills. And is a wonderful asset to life.

To make all this happen we need the support of all good people, as this is finances we have to raise if we are to help these children to be somebody in life. To make the hopeless one with hope. To make those who are unhappy happy.