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Q1: How many children are at the center?

125 children  girls as well as boys are receiving services at the center.

Q2: How do we make a donation?

If you wish to make a donation you can make the donation at the office during office hours and until 7 p.m.
If you wish to send a cheque you can do so by writing the cheque in the name of Vajira Sri Children’s Home.

If you wish to make a transfer you can do so to our Bank Account
Account no: 0000227418
Bank: Bank of Ceylon, Nugegoda branch

Q3: What are the main issues faced at the home?

Getting regular donations of food items. In addition we also have recurrent expenditure such as water bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, medical bills, and transport expenses.

As the children are always participating in extra curricular activities, we need to find donations for the implementation of those programmes.

Q4: Where do the children go to school?

Vajirians attend WP/J Indrasiri Vidyalaya, which is located in the premises of the Vajira Sri Children’s Development Centre.

Classes from Kindergarten up to G.C.E. Ordinary Level are held in the school. 16 teachers provide the education for the children.

Donation towards the teachers salaries as well as other school equipment will be greatly appreciated

Q5: What are the visiting hours of the home?

Donors can visit the home at any time between 8am to 7pm on any day of the week.

Q5: What is the cost for a meal?

Cost for daily food requirement is as follows:
Bead tea and breakfast: Rs. 7,500/=
Lunch (Rice and curry with meat or fish): Rs. 10,000/=
Dinner (Rice and curry with meat or fish): Rs.10,000/=
Vegetarian meal for lunch or dinner cost Rs. 7,500/-