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Established in 1983 to provide care and protection to 101 children who were orphaned by
the war.

These were the children who were given refugee at the Moraweva Army camp. The first
batch of children was Sinhalese. The next batch was Muslims, and then the Tamil children
were admitted to the centre.

The number of children in the centre at that time was 375. From all ethnic backgrounds.
The Lakarama Temple at Pagoda Road, Pitakotte, was converted into a makeshift hostel to
house the kids who were brought from the Moraweva Camp by Ven. Dr. Hunupolagama
Vajira Sri Nayake Thero. The Founder and the Executive Director of the facility. The first
batch of children who came to the centre were Sinhala Children and the next batch was
Tamil and then Moslem children. There was no difference in the class, creed, or ethnicity of
the children who were in the centre.