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Vajira Sri Children’s Development Center

Music – Vajirians were successful in the field of music. Our students were very successful In the Inter District Singing Competition organized by the Department of Education. Last year the students won the district championship and was able to compete for the Western Provincial competition organized by the Department of Education.

For three consecutive years we were able to organize a special programme “ Vajira Singing Star”. The youth from the centre were given the opportunity to compete for the Vajira Singing Star Trophy”. The second year we were able to organize the tournament where 5 children’s homes in the Western Province participated for the competition. Vajira won the 1st, 3rd and 4th place at the competition.

In the year 2014 we were able get the participation from over 150 children from the Children’s homes in the Western Province. 30 children were selected for the next round. The selected youth also participated in a training workshop organsed by Vajira Sri Children’s home to help children to face an audition and also how to sign on stage with using microphones and backed by other musical instruments.

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